Commercial Facilities

The Fedorica Loss Prevention System – a modular solution which offers various types of monitoring modules designed to assist in detecting and alerting for intrusion, vandalism, theft, fire and flooding at commercial facilities and sites, assisting asset owners and insurers in reducing losses.

Safe City

Fedorica utilizes data from mobile and stationary sensors, social networks and existing urban databases to generate a city-awareness profile that provides intuitive status visuals, triggers alerts, recommends actions and delivers predictive and forecasting capabilities.


Fedorica’s advanced Security solution mitigates illegal mining and theft of goods by allowing for real time monitoring and alerting as well as remote viewing tools giving management and security officers complete insight into and control of the mine security.


Fedorica provides cutting edge Perimeter and Internal Security solution for different sized airports. Real-time Monitoring combined with Advanced Video Understanding capabilities help you focus your resources and personnel providing complete control of the airport


Fedorica combines best in class Pipeline Protection Solutions to the Terrain, Threat and available Response Resources to each section of the pipe focusing budget and resources towards where they provide the best value.


Fedorica’s Modular Integrated Protection & Surveillance Solutions (MIPSS) technology provides peace of mind for Construction Companies, Insurance Companies and General Contractors by detecting and alerting for Intrusion, Vandalism, Theft, Fire and Flood at construction sites.


Fedorica protects maritime assets by fusing data from sensors, patrol vessels, manned and unmanned vehicles, radars, electro-optical devices and Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) into a Command & Control capability, thereby enabling decision makers to effectively monitor, assess, and control the maritime arena.